11  Barranqueiro

11 Barranqueiro

Operadora de telemarketing in b2w gobal

osasco, São Paulo, Brazil
Current:b2w gobal
Past:Atento Brasil
Education:ensino medio

Job Experience

Operadora de telemarketing

b2w gobal

May 2013 to October 2013

Atendimento ao cliente sac entregas

operadora de telemarketing

Atento Brasil

March 2013 to July 2013

venda atendimento ao cliente


ensino medio

rosa bonfiglioli (Brasil)

January 1903 to January 1903


IT skills

cia bity


Other Skills

More 11

Career Goals

atendimento a cliente vendas

Industries of interest


Areas of interest

Call Centers / Customer Service

Availability to travel and work outside the city


Interests and hobbies

leitura e cinema