Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell

Store Associate in Active Surplus
toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    Active Surplus

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  • Education:

    Engineer's Degree

Job Experience

Store Associate

Active Surplus

August 2007 to August 2007

- loaded materials off and on skids and stands - prepared labels for stocking purposes - prepared relevant reports - conducted inventory as needed - counted, weighed and recorded data - performed preventive maintenance activities - replenished shelves as needed - ensured delivery of items to appropriate channels - set up displays in store - customer service and sales

Audio Visual Technician


August 2003 to Actually working here

Projects: DYM, 2003-present - Noitekk, Vendetta, Cop International Digital World Audio Records Fractured, 2008-2013 - Metropolis, Dependent Records ·creating, arranging, recording, producing, editing music compositions using software and hardware systems -set up and take down of instruments and audio visual equipment ·graphic designer and branding of logos, album art, merchandise, advertisements ·video editor for live visuals and advertisements ·booking of performances and negotiating of contracts ·writing and assisting with lyrical content ·live performance synthesizer player Accomplishments - co-produced, promoted and marketing for DYM leading to international record contracts, co-produced debut album which reached the top 10, peaking at number 8 on the Deutsche Alternative Chart for 2 months in 2008.

Security Officer

Hawk Security

August 2003 to August 2005

- providing assistance and guidance to managers, visitors and general staff in a condo environment - contacting police, authorities and other emergency services when necessary - checking badges of employees and visitors, and verifying authorization of visitors to enter facilities - responding to emergencies - reporting all incidents, accidents or medical emergencies. - monitoring and patrolling business areas on a consistent basis. - warning violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking. - investigating incidents and preparing written reports with the details of the incident - checking emergency assigned equipment, staff radios, security lighting and alarms to ensure they are working correctly - having a highly visible presence on the premisis

Location Production Assistant

Directors Guild of Canada - Ontario

August 2002 to Actually working here

·general assistant to location manager on feature film and television productions ·secured, assisted and maintaining filming locations during and off hours of production ·liaison between production company and local residents ·coordinating with the transport department for placement of production vehicles ·assisting with set up of base camp and tech trucks Projects: Agatha - (2014) ABC Studios, Mark Gordon Company The Love Guru - (2008) Paramount Pictures, Goldcrest Pictures Lucky Number Slevin - (2006) Capitol Films (in association with), Complex Studio Silent Hill - (2006) Silent Hill DCP Inc., Davis-Films, Konami Corporation Skin Walkers - (2006) Lionsgate (presents), Constantin Film Produktion Assault On Precinct 13 - (2005) Rogue Pictures (presents), Why Not Productions Ice Princess - (2005) Walt Disney Pictures, Bridget Johnson Films, Skate Away Productions Resident Evil Apocolypse - (2003) Constantin Film Ltd., Impact Pictures


Engineer's Degree

[Otra]Recording Arts Canada (Canadá)

January 2014 to January 2015


[Otra]Toronto Business Development Center (Canadá)

January 2006 to January 2007

High School

[Otra]Brant Alternative Learning Center (Canadá)

January 1996 to January 1996


IT skills

Other Skills

Production Planning Management Film Production Feature Films Music Production Customer Service Video Editing Audio Post Production Audio Engineering

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