Dwayne Nault

Dwayne Nault

Topman/Labourer in Urlacher Construction

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Current:Urlacher Construction
Past:Athabasca Catering
Education:2 years toward 4 yr. Education diploma

Job Experience


Urlacher Construction

July 2014 to March 2015

Topman; included preparing tools and equipment for the days activities, assisting the pipelayer and foreman, cutting the pipe, installing hydrants. As well as collecting and accounting for tools and equipment at the days end.
Labourer; Shovelling heavy lifting, helping the pipelayer, cleaning tracks.


Athabasca Catering

March 2009 to October 2013

Worked as a janitor cleaning offices, washrooms, dries, laundry, and common areas. I also buffed, stripped and waxed floors. Washing walls, windows, and ceilings. Clearing snow from walkways and entrances as well as maintaining the grounds and watering plants. I served as the Janitorial supervisor, training and orientating new employees as well as tracking their progress and scheduling training when required.


Tri-City Construction

September 2004 to December 2008

Water and Sewer, working as labourer and Topman, rural and urban areas around northern Alberta. Installing water and sewer pipe, Hydrants, manholes, etc.


2 years toward 4 yr. Education diploma

University of Saskatchewan (Canadá)

July 1985 to April 1987


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