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Singapore Power

December 2015 to Actually working here

- Gas Distribution Project
? Dealing with HDB projects, Customer Projects, and Commercial Project as transporter of gas to lay, divert, commission and decommission of underground gas pipeline in Singapore.
? Assist in doing LIVE gas connection and testing of gas supply by the aid of the standpipe with fire arrestor with a ball valve attached to it and a gas detector to detect any presence of gas.
? Supervised construction works by contractors that are engage by us to do any construction works, lookout on everyone?s safety because safety is our top priority.
? As a project officer on site, we need to ensure that its all being executed properly, safely, according to plan that was tag with work?s order given and need to complete the project by the given deadline.
? Involve in meetings, such as meeting with main contractor and owner before and when the project is on-going. We will also need to keep track on what is going on on-site and to solve any problems that we might or are currently facing.
? During the meeting, we need to ensure that all the parties involve need to follow our safety guidelines in order to protect ourselves and our contractors that are working on-site.
? Before any works can be done, for example on public roads, we need to seek approval from the related parties, like LTA(Land Transport Authority), NParks(National Parks), PUB(Public Utilities Board), this are some organization we need to seek approval from before we can start our excavation. On top of that, we also need to follow their guidelines and as and when they needed updates from us, we need to email with prove and pictures to their Project Officers that is in-charge of a certain area in Singapore.
? We also need to work with the public and to keep them informed of what we are currently doing in case of emergency cases where there are no gas supply to their homes and we need to do some hot works at night.
? Handing over and taking over of projects are equally a paramount importance as they will effect both the progression of the project and the crucial information that are needed to pass on to the next person that will be in-charge of the project.
- Gas Inspection and Leak Survey
? To detect any presence of gas (Gas Leak) in Polyethylene Pipeline as well as Ductile Iron pipeline by the aid of Gas Detector or by using soap solution method and how to arrest if there is any presence of Gas (Gas Leak) in the pipeline.
? Any leak found, we are required to call the emergency team to assist us in arresting the gas leak.
? Basic tools are given to us to perform and arrest small gas leak to any ductile pipe.
? On a pipeline, there will be joints, and joints are the weakest link that may contribute to gas leak or any other leaks. Therefore, after we have detected a leak be it minor or major, first of all, we need to shut-off the main supply that was suppling to this particular pipeline that was leaking. For any mechanical joints, to test whether it is sound, we need to do a soundness test whereby, we introduce a non-reactive agent and at the same time to purge all the reactive gas out from the pipe-line using N2. For joints, we use soap test to check whether would there be any bubbles big or small in between the joints.
? Using a U-gauge to determine the any pressure drop from any pipe-line and also to read the readings from the U-gauge to make sure it is at our standard.


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