F. Jonatan Ramos Cabrera

F. Jonatan Ramos Cabrera


San Juan De Lurigancho, Lima, Peru
Education:Ingenieria Ambiental

Job Experience


Ingenieria Ambiental

[Otra] (Perú)

April 2008 to December 2013


IT skills

AutoCad Y SIG


Other Skills


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Career Goals

Ingresar a una empresa que me permita crecer profesionalmente.

Industries of interest

Navigation Agriculture and Livestock Agribusiness Architecture Biotechnology Construction Industry Advisory / Auditing / Consulting Design Ecology Energy Industry Forestry Information and Research Metallurgical Mining / Oil / Gas Paper Industry Fishing Plastic Industry Health Tourism

Areas of interest

Agronomy, Agriculture, Veterinary Architecture / Construction Advisory Graphic Design / Fashion Design / Industrial Design Energy, Minning and Fuel Industries Engineering Others Human Resources - HR Safety Hygiene and Safety / Environment Tourism Young Professionals

Availability to travel and work outside the city


Interests and hobbies

Tener Mucha Imaginacion