H Ali

H Ali

Postdoctoral in Universiti S

Penang, Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia
Current:Universiti S
Education:BSc. Bioindustry

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Universiti S

January 2015 to Actually working here

I completed Ph.D. In November 2015, then working as a research officer prior to work as a postdoctoral researcher in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) (March 2016). The field of the Ph.D. Is in Food Biotechnology honoured by Food Technology Programme, Industrial Technology School, USM, Malaysia. The knowledge that has been studied was closely related to a microorganism that producing polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) (Biodegradable polymer). Besides, from the study, multidisciplinary research has been exposed including the study for application of PHA (decolourising dye water). Other than that, opportunities were given to operate 10 L, 100 L and 2000 L fermenter for PHA production attached with SIRIM Berhad (Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia). As the additional information, there are side knowledge of vegetable oil characterisation, immobilised enzymes for glycerol production, food processing, and food biopolymers. During undergraduate (BSc. (Hons) Bioindustry) (2009) was honoured by Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, UPM. The final year project was regarding the isolation and molecular identification of microorganism from goat feces using 16sRNA. I do not have MSc. As, during that time, Malaysian universities encourage 1st Class Honour students to proceed Ph.D. Directly. However, experience for 5 years of Ph.D. Gave me vast exposure regarding research, guiding students and administrative work. As for now, the postdoctoral researcher (2016) exposed me to different types of biopolymer. I was given chance to operate electrospinning which an equipment that able to form membranes film that is applicable to various field. As for now, the postdoctoral researcher (2016) exposed me to a biopolymer that is produced from plants and animals. I was given chance to operate electrospinning which an equipment that able to form membrane film that is applicable for various field either packaging or biological application. I have published 2 papers and submitted 8 manuscripts which are still under review. One manuscript is in the progress of submission. This progress is during my current one-year candidature of post doctorate. The candidature of post-doctorate will be ended on 31st December 2017.


BSc. Bioindustry

Universiti Putra Malaysia

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