Ian Hamer

Ian Hamer

Finance Specialist in Smart Choice Mortgages
Narellan Vale, New South Wales, Australia
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    Smart Choice Mortgages

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    Advanced Commerce Certificate

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Finance Specialist

Smart Choice Mortgages

May 2015 to Actually working here

11th December, 2015

Onsite Property Manager

I enclose my Resume for the above position, advertised on the Jobmas site.
I am confident, passionate and dedicated individual, I pride myself on my innovative thinking and fantastic work ethic.
I work equally well within a team as I do alone. My attention to detail is second to none and I thrive under pressure.
I am excited about taking on a new challenge and I will add value because I care about what I do.
As you can see from my previous employment, I have been able to accrue extensive experience in my working career in the fields of Operations, Accounting, Finance, Sales, Administration & Customer Service.
These positions have enabled me to acquire the necessary experience & skills to carry out the requirements for the position above.
I liken my previous Local Government experience, some 16 years in total, the Fairfield City Council Chambers at Wakeley as my Retail Centre, The retailers are the internal departments, i.e. Corporate Services, Town Planning, Health & Building, Community Services & City Engineering that make up Council.
And within these departments are many sub departments, the tenants being the employees of the Council.
Then we have the constituents, the ratepayers, who are customers of the retailers, the retailers provide services to the customers, for i.e. Child care centres, under the Retail Centre-Fairfield City Council.
As a Lending Manager, many of my customers purchased House & Land packages. Therefore, I am very familiar with the Tender/Contract/Post Contract Variations/Progressive drawdowns, etc through to Final Occupancy certificate. Also, I have built two homes as well & personally understand the building process from a customer perspective with the builder & lender.
Finally, I have worked in Local Government for 16 years & understand the BA/DA Approval process for the builder & the applicant.
As the NSW Administration Manager for Red Rooster Foods, I looked after the maintenance & repair of Head Office at Ermington & 58 Stores in NSW. I was dealing with suppliers & trades on a daily basis. This involved raising purchase orders, obtaining quotes & preparing tenders.
The above skills and experiences I have gained over my working career can be implemented with any new position, which will be a benefit to the new organization.
I believe I have the necessary skills, experience & maturity to carry out the above duties.
As a mature person, there are a couple of important attributes I can bring to this organization: is a world of life experiences, i.e. Different work experiences, different eras, marriage, children, grandchildren, sport, hard work & respect!!
I trust that favourable consideration is given to my application & I look forward to the opportunity of an interview.
Ian Hamer


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