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Business Owner

Obakeng Pheto Enterprise (Pty) Ltd

January 2016 to Actually working here

Running a small business from home.

Assistant Treasury Accountant


November 2014 to June 2015

? Auditing the previous day account activities from the various sites, reconciling by
performing the daily funding of accounts on the sites to avoid accounts going into overdraft
? Processing the funding and collection of accounts on both Standard Bank Business and First National Bank online platforms
? Populating the breakdown sheet on Excel with the required information for the activities on the various accounts for funding purposes
? Checking if the amounts on the line accounts match with those of the values
? Ensuring that all the creditors from the various sites are paid
? Ensuring that all funding requests are processed and that sites don?t go in overdraft
? Run both the cash management and collection funding reports
? Updating of the rates, currencies and date information on the various transactions
? Run the forex report on the treasury management system, updating that information on the SAP rates file and then exporting that into an excel report
? Processing the collection and funding requirements for the various sites
? Printing the account management and current account balance summary report
? Processing collections between the various banks
? Funding and collection transfer between the various accounts
? Loading of the various sites pay as you earn entries every month end on the first national bank online platform
? Back office administration of foreign currency transactions and forward exchange contracts
? To assist, facilitate and ensure cut off dates are being met in relation to deal documentation and settlement payments
? Forex letters and contracts are signed and dispatched to banks timeously before cut off dates
? Review bank confirmations of forex deals
? Review forex requests are initiated by authorized persons
? Dispatch internal advices, debit and credit notes regarding forex transactions
? Assist with queries from the various sites
? Monitoring the CFC account balances
? Initiate and control all non-import payments ensuring these are authorized and the originals are delivered timeously to the Bank
? Deal related document management and administration
? Maintenance of operating company information, authorized persons and contact details
? Ensure that all the filing is in order and up to date at all times
? Ensuring that every email and call has been attended to and actioned accordingly
? Back office administration of interest instruments
? Administration of authorized signatories on all banking accounts and users on all electronic banking systems
? Cost controller functions for Treasury cost center
? Updating of call accounts, ensuring that all the withdrawals, deposits, repayments and interest on capital are updated regularly on the Treasury Management System
? Ensuring that the money market report on the various accounts is updated regularly
? Ensuring that all site balances are updated daily
? Compiling the commitment fee on a monthly basis
? Compiling the bond coupon fee on a monthly basis
? Ad-hoc duties in so far as relieving the Back-Office Treasury Manager

Foreign Exchange Consultant

American Express Foreign Exchange

June 2013 to January 2014

? Ensuring that every transaction performed is done according to the Exchange Control Rulings as required by the South African Reserve Bank
? That as an authorized dealer with limited authority I always inform the client of all the requirements of the transaction as per FICA and Exchange Control rulings
? Ensuring that all the security measures in the branch have been performed
? Printing of the day end reports
? Performing the start of day on the system
? Processing the following transactions for resident individuals: travel allowance, monetary gifts, study allowance, donations to missionaries and maintenance
? Processing the following transactions for nonresident individuals: foreign cash, travelers? cheques, prepaid foreign currency cards, telegraphic transfers and western union money transfer
? Processing the following transactions for foreign nationals? temporary residents: traveler cheques, foreign notes, prepaid foreign currency cards, western union money transfer this is for an individual on a work permit travelling on business
? Print, stamp and sign a copy of the new rate sheets that is distributed by the dealers and filed
? Constantly monitoring my emails or fax machine for new rates thus ensuring all transactions are done with the actual current rate
? Balancing all the cash on my till at the end of the day
? Compiling a daily stock report which is then sent to my managers

Foreign Exchange Consultant

First national bank

August 2010 to January 2013

? Verifying if the documents needed for an import/export transaction are attached as required by the reserve bank, namely: Customs Notifications, SAD documents, Waybills documents, Customs Declaration form, Tax Invoices, Bill of Entry, and Bill of Lading
? Ensuring that the invoice amount that was captured on our systems matches with the supplier invoice amount that was paid by the client.
? Trading of deals on the IBCS wherein a customer is buying or selling foreign notes with fnb, namely: Unused Traveler cheques for an individual or business, negotiated cheques, Cheque for collection, Customer buying or selling foreign currencies with the bank, Pension cheques, Cash passports, and Reloading of cash passports
? Settling of deals on IBCS
? Processing the Form 178/N.E.P for our customers
? Ensuring that the Form 178/N.E.P charges are charged to the right customers by verifying the customers banking details on Hogan Application and checking their transactions history on our system
? Following up on payments made on these charges by checking them on our systems, if not found performing all the necessary communications with the customer for clarity.
? Settling inward swifts for clients
? Converting incoming money from overseas e.g. salaries, pension, gifts, income for services rendered, merchandise imported/exported into our clients? accounts
? Checking the exchange rate on behalf of the clients
? Constantly updating the client?s instruction details as to the handling of their money
? Constantly liaising with the branches on foreign deals unsettled
? Ensuring a 24-hour settlement on deals/transactions done on IBCS
? Settling of all CFC notes transactions
? Opening and closing of cfc accounts on client?s instruction
? Typing of swift messages to overseas banks on behalf of clients concerning unpaid collection cheques on Hogan
? Corresponding with corporate clients regarding deposits or withdrawals of funds on cfc accounts
? Liaising with consultants/clients at the various branches regarding cfc/fca accounts instructions
? Resolving queries raising from unpaid cheques with various financial institutions
? Booking of public rates on Monday mornings for satellite branches with the dealers
? Ad ?hoc task

Senior Accounts Clerk

Provincial Government Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports

November 2005 to January 2008

? Capturing of requisitions on Logis, which involved the following tasks:
? If the invoice and the quoted (order) amount differ, then the line component must give an explanation in writing (that is if the invoice amount is more than the order)
? Ensure sufficient consumables for the component and that the required documents are affixed
? Obtaining supplier quotations, compile and capture requisition log or request manually or electronically
? Place order with service provider, ensure correctness of delivery, submit invoices and simultaneous receipt issues for payment, and purchase of the components face value forms
? Commitment of orders on BAS
? Dealing with supplier enquiries regarding payments and orders, and reconciliation of orders
? Receipt of goods or services by service provider for the Supply Chain Management component and verifying contents delivered to order that is certifying correctness
? Loading of Supplier banking details on Logis Mainframe, approving Procurement Advices on Logis Mainframe, and Check/ Evaluate Requisitions received from components
? Performing the departmental stock take, and assisting the asset management team with the asset register
? PAAP ? Authorizing all approved requisitions on Logis
? Compiling all non-compliance deviations received from components
? Adding new supplier numbers on Logis Web ? Corporate Reference Data
? Clearance and administering of salary related ledger accounts, and processing z59 claims
? Compile, in state and correct allowances and deductions on Persal
? Control/ verify pay sheets, managing of debtor?s files, processing of journals, capturing of orders/entity maintenance details and processing of journals
? Ensure prevention of foreseen problems and maintaining confidentiality of information
? Purchasing of goods and services and Evaluation in terms of the PPPFA
? Ensuring sufficient stock and supplies, economical sourcing, equitable distribution to suppliers and compliance to procurement policy
? Ensuring that the Internal Control within the Supply Chain Management component is adhering to the compliance standards as set out in the PFMA.
? Prevention of fraud, losses, maintaining the asset register



Meridian College Rustenburg (Sudáfrica)

January 2001 to December 2001


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