Qadim Ghozali

Qadim Ghozali

Maintenance Engineer in Transocean

jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Experience

Maintenance Engineer


September 2012 a July 2017

Ensuring good and safely operation of all machinery and equipment by making routine maintenance, interval check and control to immediately find abnormality than take proper action to avoid failure. This can minimise risk from lack of operation that is charge company for more cost.
? Increase efficiency of control management by entering specific data in appropriate logs that can be used for the same issues in the future.
? Minimise cost of risk by taking initiative to perform emergency action according to procedures without specific orders or instructions in case of incident or failure operation.
? Manages cooling water treatment of main propulsion engines, auxiliary generators and any other Water-Cooled engineering systems. Troubleshoot and repair as necessary.
? Overhauling, dismantle machinery and equipment, effect repairs to the same by replacing or fabricating components, subsequent reassembles, operational testing of controls, safeties, shutdowns, than place them in of service.
? Ensure the efficient and continual functioning of the vessel to prevent down time by perform preventative and corrective maintenance and special projects involving the boiler systems, power plant and propulsion system on board the drilling vessel.
? Maintain and repair all machinery and mechanical equipment in engine room, deck and accommodation.

Marine Engineer


January 2000 a September 2011

Providing control management of peoples, works, machinery and equipment and fire prevention to achieve zero incidents, including management use of spare parts reducing 15% consumption.
? Provide power all the times by controlling the power plants and power distribution/consumption in case of any deterioration, alarm, miss function of safety devises indication of lack and abnormal operation. This cost no failure that can cause lack of operation.
? Ensure all works including of 3rd parties jobs are carried out in accordance to Company Procedures and Standards. Involved myself on the job site to take direct control and observation, provided data, make communication as needed so that the project would be done effectively without any mistakes that can normally cost the company for more and also for time efficiency.
? Liaise with the marine department regarding the loading, ordering and use of fuel, potable water and drill water. Reduced 20% cost by provided rules and procedures of consumption and also automatically reduced time period of loading, cost company less in a year.
? Ensures that all personnel assigned to watch are aware of their duties during scheduled drills and participates in same.



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