Qasir Shoaib

Qasir Shoaib

as senior accountant and cashier in Khyber weavers international

lahore, Punjab, Pakistán
Current:Khyber weavers international

Job Experience

as senior accountant and cashier

Khyber weavers international

June 2010 a January 9999

Matter related to Cash:-
1.     Maintaining Cash Book Balance and reconciled with head office.
2.     Responsible for All Cash Transaction as per Company Policy. 
3.     Reconciliation of Cash Book and Loan accounts with Head office.
4.     Checking the bill of Contractor & their Advances.
5.     Complete Record of Cash Payment Voucher and Bank Payment Vouchers.
6.     Monthly Comparison of Expense Report.
7.     Checking the Vehicle Log Book daily Basis. 
Matter Related to Time office department:-
1.     Checking payroll and analysis of salaries variance.
2.     Maintained the Record of Gratuity and Final Settlement and reconciled with Head Office.
3.     Checking of daily / monthly over time reports.
4.     Calculation of Salaries and Bonus & Leave Encashment.
5.     Checking the Attendance Report on Daily Basis.
Matter Related to Local Purchase at Site:-
1.     Checking of purchase demand with bills
2.     To ensure that purchase item is according to demand.
3.     Verification of the Purchase Items.
4.     Checking of purchase orders and rates with previous purchases.
Matter Related to Store & Yarn, Fabric Department:-
1.     Checking the Issue of Store on daily Basis.
2.     Checking the Fabric Stocks Reports on Daily Basis.
3.     Checking the Yarn Stocks Reports on Daily Basis.
4.     Total Command on inward Gate Pass and outward Gate pass Procedures.
5.     Preparation of Packing Cost and Sizing Cost Reports.



[Otra] (Pakistán)

June 2010 a January 2013




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to imrpve life satyle

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Administration, Finances, Acountancy, Banking

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book reading,internet,snoker ,