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Saba Ahmad

Project Trainee in IIT Kanpur
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
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IIT Kanpur

July 2015 to Actually working here

Inconel 600 is a standard nickel based alloy generally used at higher temperature (>1000°C) e.g. In nuclear reactor tubings, boiler construction materials, high temperature tooling and dies etc. Inconel 600 possess a good combination of mechanical and functional properties. Still, it has been found that the material gets degraded during loading over time which might prove very hazardous (particularly in the case of nuclear tubings)
? The current work aims to improve the stress corrosion cracking resistance of Inconel 600 through modification in grain boundary character distribution and correlate it with the length fraction of low angle grain boundaries ( LAGBs), Coincidence site lattice (CSL) boundaries (including twins) and regular boundaries present inside the sample.
? Slow-strain rate tensile (SSRT) tests will be conducted for samples showing varying levels of coherent twins, incoherent twins and low angle grain boundaries (LAGBs), in order to delineate the role of these boundaries on the properties of the material.
? The samples after this particular test will be observed through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in order to analyze the corrosion at microscopic level.
? Also, attempt will be done in order to check which kind of boundaries get corroded during the test with the help of electron back scattered diffraction (EBSD) based orientation imaging microscopy (OIM).




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