Tafalesolo Aloaina

Tafalesolo Aloaina

Cashier, Cookery, Cleaning in MeeGoreng Noodle Bar
edens landing, Queensland, Australia
  • Current:

    MeeGoreng Noodle Bar

  • Education:

    Finished Year 12

Job Experience

Cashier, Cookery, Cleaning

MeeGoreng Noodle Bar

February 2017 to Actually working here

Still trying to look for a full time job because i dont have enough hours in this job. The reason why I'm looking for full time job.Because I need to look after my family and earn some money for myself aswell. I just need are full time job with anyone so I can help my little family.
Thank You
Tafalesolo Aloaina


Finished Year 12

Windaroo Valley SHS

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IT skills

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