Tabane Ngaebi

Tabane Ngaebi

Franchisee Commercial Cleaner in Cleancorp Cleaning Services
Manukau, Auckland, NZ
  • Current:

    Cleancorp Cleaning Services

  • Past:

    Bombay Under Glass House

Job Experience

Franchisee Commercial Cleaner

Cleancorp Cleaning Services

February 2013 to October 2016

- Wiping and Dusting of doors, windor and ledge
- Vacuuming and mobing floors
- sending invoices to all client
- Making returns to Cleancorp concerning all our income
- Making GST and PAYE returns to Inland Revenue
- Preparing Annual Account Return to Inland Revenue

Underglass House Worker

Bombay Under Glass House

September 2008 to October 2012

- Planting and Picking and Twisting Cucumber and Tomatoes
- Pruning and Deleafing cucumber and Tomatoes
- Pull out cucumber and Tomatoes
- Cleaning of Glasshouse

Pack house Casual Worker

Waising Company

April 2008 to July 2008

- Sorting of Onion and Potatoes
- Packing and stacking of onion and Potatoes
- Cleaning the Pack house

Finance Manager

Kiribati Insurance Company

May 2004 to July 2007

- In charge of Accounting Division
- Training of Accounting Staff Financial rules and Procedure
_ Checking all Receipt and Payment are done in lines with rules and procedures
- Checked all salary are correctly entered and process accordingly
- Prepare the Company Annual Budget



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