A.H.Md. Farhad  Uzzaman

A.H.Md. Farhad Uzzaman

Additional Chief Engineer in Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority(BIWTA)

Dhaka, Abroad, Australia
Current:Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority(BIWTA)
Education:Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering &Master of Business Administrtion (MBA)

Job Experience

Additional Chief Engineer

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority(BIWTA)

July 1996 to Actually working here

Bangladesh, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) was established in 1958.Authority performs some statutory functions which are below:<br />? Carry out river conservancy works including river training works for navigational purpose and for provision of aids to navigation including marks, buyas, lights and semaphore signals;<br />? Disseminate navigational and meteorological information including publishing river charts;<br />? Maintain Pilotage and Hydrographic survey services;<br />? Draw up programs of dredging requirements and priorities for efficient maintenance of existing navigable waterways and for resuscitation of dead or dying rivers, channels or canals, including development of new channels and canals for navigation;<br />? Develop, maintain and operate inland river ports, landing/ferry ghats and terminal facilities in such ports or ghats;<br />? Carry out removal of wrecks and obstruction in inland navigable waterways;<br />? Develop the the most economical facilities for passenger traffic to ensure comfort, safety and speed on mechanized craft;<br />? Ensure co-ordination of Inland Water Transport with other forms of transport, with major sea ports and with trade and agricultural interests for the optimum utilization of the available transport capacity;<br />


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering &Master of Business Administrtion (MBA)

Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology &Southeast University.

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Word, Exell


Other Skills

1) Training on ?Port and Harbour Engineering? at Port & Harbour Research Institute, Port & Harbour Bureau, Japan. Team work & Administration

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To provide best quality performance.

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