Vadithe Mallikarjuna Naik

Vadithe Mallikarjuna Naik

Administer in PMC/AP Budget Centre

HYDERABAD, Andhra Pradesh, India
Current:PMC/AP Budget Centre

Job Experience


PMC/AP Budget Centre

June 2010 to August 2015

Peoples? Monitoring Committee (PMC) emerged in September 2005 as a collective advocacy alliance group of agricultural labor unions, Dalit organisations, voluntary organisations and NGO networks for strengthening development programmes related to land, labor and livelihoods with a focus on Dalits.Collective initiative of PMC is based on the belief that only empowered, creative and result oriented engagement of people with state machinery can realize the stated objectives of development programmes. Empowered engagement comes with primary stakeholders? collective articulation, professional capacities, capacities to use existing provisions like the Right to Information Act, intensity and scale of involvement, and collective political articulation. One of the indicators of empowerment is to make government agencies accountable for the achievement of objectives of public programs.



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