Wade Schutte

Wade Schutte

Maintenanence Person in Days Inn & Suites Whitecourt
Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada
  • Current:

    Days Inn & Suites Whitecourt

  • Past:

    Silverado Pilot & Hotshot

  • Education:

    High School grade twelve

Job Experience

Maintenanence Person

Days Inn & Suites Whitecourt

May 2011 to May 2016

Preform daily mainteanance at hotel,plumbing ,painting,electrical,trouble shoot all of the above repair if able ,or contact trades person as reqd

Escort & Delivery Driver

Silverado Pilot & Hotshot

August 2006 to May 2016

Escort wide loads,provide road monitoring,deliver goods in Alberta and some in Northern B.C.Travel throught northern Alberta,alot of time in oilfields in and around the area

Generla Manager

Centrat Equipment Rentals /Rsc& Skyreach Equipment

May 1996 to November 2006

Manage day to day operations of these rental companies,including schedule for personel,arrange pickup and delivery of oilfield equipment,budget for the branch

Warehouse co-ordinator

Petro Canada oil & Gas

June 1986 to June 1996

Co-ordinate day to day activities of oilfield warehouse,purchase agent,shipping, receiving organising parts in a oilfield. Big and small parts,bolts pipefitting,knowledgs of valves etc. In a sour gas field


High School grade twelve

Wp Sandin Composite High (Canadá)

September 1966 to June 1969




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Wade schutte


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Wade Schutte

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Career Goals

Have lived in Whitecourt area for over 40 years hobbies home handy man,camping and fishing.pride my self in proving excellent customer service

Industries of interest

Areas of interest

Availability to travel and work outside the city


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