X-zel Lopez

X-zel Lopez

Cook and waitress in Smokey Mountain Incorporated

Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines
Current:Smokey Mountain Incorporated
Education:College Level

Job Experience

Cook and waitress

Smokey Mountain Incorporated

May 2010 a June 2015

I work to Mr. Wilson Galion, and his company, Smokey Mountain Incorporated for 5 years as a cook. I cooked for 12-20 people and also I took care of his son, age 6 and daughter, age 3 sometimes. Now Mr. Wilson Galion has relocated to Las Vegas because he has a heart condition, so he need to get back in his country with his 2 children and wife.
Mr. Wilson Galion can be contacted at
5841 Enchanted Palms Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 81939 U.S.A
Contact: +1+702+581-3375
Email: Lvrunner@hotmail.com


College Level

University of San Jose-Recoletos

June 2009 a March 2010




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Career Goals

To obtain employment as a food service or in your customer service area.

Industries of interest

Food and Beverage

Areas of interest

Availability to travel and work outside the city


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Food and beverage